Decor Walther

DECOR WALTHER has stood for quality bathroom furnishings and accessories for over four decades. It all began in 1973, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with a small specialist shop founded by Harald Walther. Today they are one of the leading suppliers in this sector, reaching far beyond Germany’s borders. 

Their company philosophy is of Discreet luxury. The quality and design express this most vividly, with the aesthetic language of their products being neither overtly trendy, nor historicised. It is best described as timeless, but in an understated way. Beautiful. High quality. Down to the last detail. The finishing reflects good craftsmanship and care.

This is why we at Design Quarter believe Decor Walther add that extra design touch to our Bathrooms.

Please come and visit our store on the Willemsparkweg to buy items from the latest collection…