Professional designers

Waterproof Bathooms is lucky to have two talented and experienced interior architects; HP Doornebal studied at the College of Arts and graduated in architectonial- and furnituredesign.
Merijn Gerlach studied at the Chelsea College of Arts and worked 7 years in this field in London.

HP Doornebal

Highschool of Arts

Furniture and Design

Your every wish is discussed with you and the practical possibilities are investigated.  We than make a drawing and price quotation, which can of-course be altered if necessary.  For the drawing we charge you a small amount. This drawing is at first a plan and also features wall views of the bathroom to give you a good impression of the final result.  If necessary we can provide a detailed drawing for the builders.

Merijn Gerlach

Chelsea College of Arts (London)

Interior Design

A nice new bathroom is a gem for your house, but designing and building it is a complex task that demands experience. We at Waterproof Bathrooms see the importance of a good preperation so the final plan can be made entirly according your wish and that you are able to enjoy it for years to come.