Baarn 1

In a villa in Baarn we realised a wellness space with a steam- and hot-air sauna as well as a work-out space with an adjacent bathroom.  The master bathroom features a freestanding round KOS bath with light and whirlpool, a Rifra washbasin furniture and a Balance showerscreen/door with Bisazza Opus Decori glassmosaic on the wall.

The floor is by Piba Marmi. Faucets are by Gessi.
The hot-air sauna has a view to the garden, the steam sauna is tiled with Bisazza Colori mix which makes it possible to follow the round shape of the bench.

Kos showerwall with head- and bodysprays

Comfortable villa with various bathrooms

Washbasin furniture is by Rifra (Fonte), faucets by Gessi, glassmosaic by Bisazza

Fitness space is between the sauna’s and shower