Loenen a/d Vecht

In a centuries old house on the river Vecht with lots of original details we have realised a modern bathroom that fits in perfectly with the other spaces.
Particulary the minuscule ceramic mosaics each under another inclination give a special effect with floodlight.

The asymetrical shaped bath from KOS (Faraway) is made of Crystalplant (matt white).  The wall bathmixer set is by Gessi.
The washbasin furniture is bespoke and features two Gessi bowls made of glass and metal minerals.

The conversation piece of this bathroom is the wall covered with Mutina Phenomenon A+ small inclined mosaic tiles of ceramic.

The bespoke furniture is specially made to accomodate the two Gessi washbasins made of hardened  glass.  The taps are made by Gessi as well.

The asymmetrical freestanding bath by Kos (Faraway).