Balance is a Dutch company supplying bespoke showerdoors and screens. They are templating and installing themselves for the best result.

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  • Balance BD22

    De BD22 series has a stainless steel rod with a glass door hanging by means of an industrial roller system.  This is convenient in spaces where a normal hinged door is not possible.

  • Balance Freedom

    The series Freedom can be supplied with either ceiling- or wallsupports.  The feet make for kitt line free floor. Materials stainless steel and 8mm toughened glass.

  • Balance Freedom

    Detail of the foot that holds the glass a few millimeters above the floor, thus avoiding the need of a kitt line which makes it easy to clean the screen.

  • Balance Freedom

    Glass panels can be satined completely or partly to offer more privacy.

  • Balance Freedom

    Freestanding shower screen supported by means of standing poles of stainless steel.

  • Balance Freeline

    The Freeline serie is defined by a solid stainless steel tube to give stability to the showerscreen.

  • Balance Freestyle

    This screen is directly kitted on the floor.  The corners clips hold the side-panel.  The wall clips and the stainless steel wall tube make for stability.

  • Balance Freestyle Clip

    Detail of the stainless steel clip that allows for a beautiful connection of the 2 glass screens.  In the glass a hole has been predrilled to fasten the stainless steel screw.

  • Balance ZyoXX

    In spaces where it is not possible to enter with one big glass screen, this can be the sollution: sheets of glass that are inclined and placed over each other and make for a waterproof protection.