Cosmetic mirrors

Cosmetic mirrors
For precision when applying make-up or shaving, an extensive range of cosmetic mirrors are on offer with several magnifications (2,5x 5x 7x 10x). Prices can differ according to the used materials.

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  • Decor Walther magnif. mirror SP13

    Tablemodel magnifying mirror 170mm with 3x/1x or 5x/1x enlargemend.  Adjustable in height.  Available in chrome, gold and copper.

  • Decor Walther magnifying mirror BS13

    Led mirror 170mm on extendable arm. Mirror pivots in round lightframe en enlarges on 1 side 5 or 7 times and the other side 1x (normal).  With white cable and switch.

  • Decor Walther magnifying mirror BS15

    Tablemodel magnifying mirror with led on batteries; switches off automatically  after 10 minutes. Enlarges 5x.

  • Decor Walther magnifying mirror BS16

    Led mirror 200mm with extendable arm on batteries; switches off automatically after 10 minutes.  Enlarges 5x. In chrome or brushed nickel.

  • Decor Walther magnifying mirror BS18

    Magnifying mirror 200mm on batteries switches off automatically after 10 minutes.  Suction pads secure it to a smooth surface.

  • Decor Walther magnifying mirror BS25PL

    Magnifying mirror 220mm with TL lighting on extendable arm with cable or direct electric connection. Enlarges 3 or 5x.  Available in chrome, brushed nickel, white or black.

  • Decor Walther magnifying mirror BS60

    Led magnifying mirror 160mm on extendable arm with cable and plug (also direct connection is possible). In chrome/satined glas. Magnifies 3x or 5x.

  • Decor Walther magnifying mirror TS1

    Magnifying mirror with led on battery with 7x and 1x enlargement. Compact design, ideal for handbag.

  • SAM magnifying mirror 5503254010

    Square magnifying mirror (2,5x) with PL lighting and flexible arm on square wallfixture. Direct connection to electricity.

  • SAM magnifying mirror 5503264010

    Square magnifying mirror (2,5x) on swivel arm with square wallfixture. PL lighting; cable with switch and plug.

  • SAM magnifying mirror 5503451010

    Square magnifying mirror (2,5x) 208mm without lighting; swivel arm on square wallfixture.

  • SAM magnifying mirror 5503504010

    Magnifying mirror 257mm with TL lighting on swivel arm and round wall fixture for direct connection to electricity.  Available in enlargement 2,5x 5x and 7x.